Where great businesses and great people meet. We bring together businesses looking for investment and investors with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help them succeed.

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Business Matchmaker Network is the new standard in business connections!

By helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas, and matchmaking them to a worldwide and local network of investors, BM NETWORK removes the barriers from the investment process. Think of us as a business matchmaking site for entrepreneurs and investors.

BM Network has an extensive investment network of approximately 50 partner networks, and 100 private investors/family funds.

BM Network specifically identifies the partner networks and private investors/family funds whose investment criteria align with the parameters of the business model, submits the business plan to each investor and/or investment entity, and then follows-up extensively for typically up to 3 months with private investors/family funds and up to 9 months with partner networks.

Upon interest, BM Network forwards the investor’s contact information to the management team.

Who is entrepreneur?
If you have a business idea, you are an entrepreneur!
Why seek an Investor?
A good investor provides business assistance in many ways:
They will provide the money you need to set up or grow your business.
Is my project suitable?
If you're looking for funding and you're looking to make a return on investment then you’re suitable.

Are you an investor?


Do you want to provide funding for our Members?

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At BM NETWORK we know our Investors are the backbone of our business.

Your registration is free, and reaching us is a breeze! We will protect your identity so you never get a cold call! A world of opportunity is just a few clicks away.

Explore a rich new world of potential investments. Find businesses that match your area of interest.



Are you looking for capital to grow, but:


  • Do not know how this works?

  • Do not know where to go?

  • Do not know which type of finance or investor is right for you?

  • Do not have time to search for the right investor?

  • BM NETWORK is your independent and trusted investment partner which helps you to grow your business by attracting capital.


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Bring Your Ideas to Life‎

Connecting Nigerian Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Our mission:
We set this page up to provide entrepreneurs like you with access to thousands of investors looking for exciting business ideas.
Success is always about meeting the right people.
Our investors:
Our investors look at all stages of business and across all sectors from genuine start-ups to more established businesses. We look at all different types of projects including debt deals, franchises, real estate, equity, etc.

BM network:
BM NETWORK is a business matchmaking agency for entrepreneurs who need investment to grow or start their business, and investors who want to find up and coming opportunities.
Our Pricing:
BM Networkn offers very competitive pricing for its extensive and comprehensive capital introduction services. BM Network charges N50k per partner network and N20k per private investor/family fund that BM Network submits the opportunity to.

Why choose us?

We can match you with serious investors who want to help your business succeed. And we never take a piece of your investment.

For lnvestors
We generate a portfolio of well prepared, high quality Deal-Flow for our Investor Network of Institutional and Private Investors.
Benefits for investors
Selection of Entrepreneurs
The companies we introduce investors to meet our criteria and have true potential for attracting an investment.
Investment preparation
We allow investors to get a full understanding of the SME and their market as we collect and prepare all relevant information about the entrepreneur.


Meet Our Team

We are a full service business development group – we build strategies and systems to help Entrepreneurs succeed.

Mr Ephraim
Investment Researcher

Business Registration Expert

Investment And Franchise Support

Real Estate Investment Expert



Invest in a Franchise, Invest in Your Future.


Let us match you with the perfect franchise.

We strive to be the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information on the franchise industry.

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BM Network are 100% Free For Our Clients.
We Work To Find You The Perfect Franchise Business, Free of Charge.
Our job is to ensure you find the right business that maximizes your odds of success and happiness and allows you to meet your lifestyle, career and financial goals. Our income is derived from brokering the final purchase of the franchise and is paid for by the franchise organization you choose to partner with.

From providing you with business options that fit your goals to coaching you through your due diligence process, we help reduce the risk of starting your own business.
We put in the time and resources to help you make the right decision and maximize your odds of success in your new business.

We’re experienced, local franchise experts, consultants and brokers that help match you to the perfect business opportunity to meet your goals.